Billy Raffoul has debuted his new song and video, ‘What Makes A Man’

The song's from his upcoming new album.

Billy Raffoul has debuted his new song and video, ‘What Makes A Man’.

A stripped-back track that’s not a million miles away from Bright Eyes et al, it’s a reflective, emotional cut that speaks out against systemic racism in policing.

“I knew I wanted another song, and with so many important things going on in the world I was finding it hard to write another love song,” he explains.

“I thought about how since the quarantine started in March I had been driving my car around with expired plates for three months. I couldn’t get down to Nashville to get new tags, yet still I didn’t think twice about it. I can’t help but feel like that is a confidence that only privilege can give you.”

Check out ‘What Makes A Man’ below, and keep an eye out for the singer-songwriters’ upcoming album ‘International Hotel’, due 28th August.

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