Birmingham outfit Brain Food debut their new single, ‘Mindwinder’

'Mindwinder' is the first single to be taken from Brain Food's debut EP.
You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, or so the saying goes, which is one reason why you ought to make every second count. With the release of their debut single, Birmingham outfit Brain Food are doing exactly that.

‘Mindwinder’ is an all-encompassing venture through the most animated of imaginations. Sprawling vividly from the get-go, the track swaggers with its own characteristic pace and style. Echoing riffs gleam over a melodic bass line, vocals resounding through the haze to paint a path ever deeper into the vibrant world they’re creating.

Boasting guitar hooks that unfurl and entwine with such vivacity you can all but taste the kaleidoscope of colours reflecting off them, this is a dose of psych rock at its most engaging and addictive. Exhilaratingly dream-like and deliciously expansive, it’s a first impression destined for great things.

‘Mindwinder’ is the first single to be taken from Brain Food’s debut EP. Recorded in the band’s home of Muthers Studio in Digbeth, and featuring artwork by Johnny Foreigner’s Lewes Herriot, ‘Get One On’ is released via Brain Food’s own Room 15 Records on 27th July.

The band will celebrate the release with a special show (promising “Brain Food themed cocktails, merch, and mind-blowing visuals” – our kind of party) alongside fellow Birmingham outfits Nonsuch and Cave Girl on 28th July at The Night Owl in Birmingham.

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