Black Country, New Road have revealed another new album taster, ‘Bread Song’

It's taken from their new album 'Ants From Up There', set to drop early next year.

Black Country, New Road have shared a second new track from their forthcoming album ‘Ants From Up There’.

Following up on last month’s lead single ‘Chaos Space Marine’ comes ‘Bread Song’, both of which will appear on the band’s second album when it drops on 4th February 2022.

Frontman Isaac Wood explains, “We wanted to do the first chorus with no time signature. I went to see Steve Reich do Music for 18 Musicians and there’s a piece where a bar length is determined by the breadth of the clarinet player, they just play until they run out of breath. I wanted to try that with the whole band, where we don’t look at each other, we don’t make too many cues, we just try and play without time – but together.”

You can check out ‘Bread Song’ below.

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