Black Foxxes have shared a new video for ‘Manic In Me’

The clip was shot in snowy Iceland. Brr.
Black Foxxes have dropped a brand new video for their track ‘Manic In Me’.

It’s the latest single to be lifted from the band’s upcoming album ‘Reiði’, due for release on 16th March, and it comes with a video shot in Iceland – a location that heavily inspired the album.

“This song is purposefully written to have a pop structure,” explains Mark Holley. “I wanted the song to sway back and forth in a repetitive manor to inject the listener with the hooks.

“The song is about balancing inner rage and calm; ‘You are the weather’ refers to feeling still and serene amongst another’s company; ‘I am the manic in me’, quickly interjects that, on my own, I can’t control the inner manic.

“It’s this back and forth that continues throughout the song, quickly transitioning between verses and chorus without any chord changes, keeping the listener guessing which side the coin will land. Calm or manic.”

Watch ‘Manic In Me’ below.

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