Black Honey head to the desert for storming new track ‘Believer’

It’s the latest taste of second album ‘Written & Directed’, now set for release on March 19th.

Black Honey are well and truly on the road to new album ‘Written & Directed’, unveiling another new cut in ‘Believer’.

Packed with character and with a swinging big-time chorus to boot, it’s another dazzler that shows that the second era of Black Honey is looking to be a pretty spectacular one.

Speaking about the track, Izzy B. Phillips of the band said: “’Believer’ is a song to accompany your existential crisis. I wanted a religious satire that was eye rolling at all the patriarchal nonsense of spiritual sense of self. I wanna believe in me, the outsider and the underdog. It’s like coming of age, coming out and coming up.”

The track comes complete with a suitably holy-vibed music video, playing out like a western epic complete with churches, nuns and much more.

‘Written & Directed’, Black Honey’s second studio album, will now be released on March 19th.

Check out ‘Believer’ below:

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