Black Honey have released a new single, ‘Out Of My Mind’, alongside a prom-themed music video

It follows their August single, ‘Charlie Bronson’, and arrived via Foxfive Records.

Black Honey have released their second track of 2022, ‘Out Of My Mind’, alongside a new music video.

The track seeks clarity from internal anxieties but is paired with a hopeful melody.

“It’s about wanting to go anywhere to escape the war in my head,” singer Izzy Baxter Phillips shares on ‘Out Of My Mind’. “The story was written from the perspective of a house party – zooming in on a scene where I’ve said the wrong thing as always and hating it, that anxiety of not knowing how to be. I wanted it to feel like being on your bedroom floor, a bit whirly and vulnerable.”

“This song is like reaching for a tiny pinprick of light escapism in the big darkness,” she continues. “Until now I think I let addiction fill me with guilt whilst simultaneously letting society project shame onto me about my life’s choices. We all need a moment to escape sometimes and maybe that’s okay? I wrote this song as a hungry yearning for relief from a real world I find very hard to process and function in. Maybe I’m not alone in this and maybe it’s alright to make bad choices from time to time.”

The single arrives with a music video depicting a joyless prom celebration, ending with Izzy sinking to the floor and literally holding her own head in her hands.

You can listen to ‘Out Of My Mindhere and watch the below:

It is the second release (following the August single ‘Charlie Bronson’) since the band’s 2021 album, ‘Written & Directed’. Black Honey have documented the time since that release in a behind-the-scenes documentary, ‘Behind The Curtain’, which you can watch online here.

Black Honey will headline the next Dork’s Night Out with a Halloween celebration at Colours Hoxton on October 28th. Tickets for the show are on sale now for £11 + booking fee via Dice. You can grab them here.

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