black midi are previewing new album ‘Cavalcade’ with another new track, ‘Chondromalacia Patella’

The band's second album lands next week (28th May).

black midi have released another new track from their forthcoming second album, ‘Cavalcade’.

Titled ‘Chondromalacia Patella’, the track follows-up on previous efforts ‘Slow’ and ‘John L’, and comes alongside a video directed by Vilhjálmur Yngvi Hjálmarsson.

Following up on 2019’s debut album ‘Schlangenheim’, lead vocalist Geordie Greep explains: “It’s easy to get wrapped up in the improvisation myth of divine intervention, that if a song doesn’t happen in the room naturally without it being guided by someone specifically, when we’re all just feeling the vibe, then it’s not proper and it’s not pure. That’s kind of a dangerous thing because you end up never trying something different, or you just abandon an idea if it doesn’t work at first because you’re always waiting for that thing to arrive perfect.”

Drummer Morgan Simpson adds: “The experience this time round was completely the flipside to Schlagenheim. A lot of the material was really fresh but that was something that played into our hands and we relished it.”

‘Cavalcade’ is set for release on 28th May via Rough Trade Records. You can check out ‘Chondromalacia Patella’ below.

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