Blackaby has announced an upcoming EP with new single ‘Teenage Purity’

The five-track EP is due in August.
Photo Credit: Ben Andrews

Blackaby has announced a new EP.

‘Perfect Delusions’ follows on from 2020’s ‘What’s On The TV’, and is set for release on 30th August preceded by lead single ‘Teenage Purity’.

“Teenage Purity follows in the theme of self extraction from the Christian church,” he explains. “I became ‘born again’ at the age of 13 and the leaders seemed to have big expectations about my future, particularly linked to music.

“It was a slow process realising I was on the wrong road and attempting to get off it. I needed to find one that didn’t involve fear, guilt and pressure. The uplifting and important messages like love your neighbour seemed to be pushed to the side by youth leaders in preference of remaining pure until marriage.”

Check out the new single below; the EP’s full tracklisting reads:

  1. Cafe Du Monde
  2. Hairstyle
  3. Perfect Delusions
  4. Teenage Purity
  5. Move Slow

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