Blaenavon show off their ‘Lonely Side’ with their latest stunning number

Yeah, ‘That’s Your Lot’ is going to sound amazing when it lands on Friday (April 7th)
Blaenavon are something special. It’s why they’re on the cover of this month’s mag, and it’s why we keep talking about them at every turn – and it’s no surprise why when they’re laying out magical cuts like latest number ‘Lonely Side’

Wrapped in lush surroundings that pull at your insides from the very first note, it’s a rich and potent slice of alt-indie that gracefully takes you to another world – and we’re more than ready to head there.

Speaking about the track specifically, frontman Ben Gregory gave an insight to its dark corners, saying: “It’s probably about time that I admitted I am a young, ridiculous, romantic buffoon. I am in love with everyone at the same time: but in and out of love constantly – disillusioned like a juvenile James Dean. This is incredibly unhealthy, but also very fucking funny. I will continue to get absolutely everything wrong until I grow old, settle down and die. Until then, I walk the Lonely Side.”

We went in-depth with Ben about ‘That’s Your Lot’ and the story of Blaenavon on the cover of this month’s mag (if you failed to mention our cheeky plug right at the start). You can read it in full here, and get ready for the plaudits to come flying in.

‘That’s Your Lot’ is out this Friday (April 7th), with the band currently in the midst of a UK headline tour that rounds out on the same day with a night at London’s Heaven.

Head to the ‘Lonely Side’ below,