Bleach Lab have shared a new debut album teaser single, ‘Nothing Left To Lose’

The band's debut album is set for release in September.

Bleach Lab have shared a new single, ‘Nothing Left To Lose’.

It’s the latest cut from their debut album, ‘Lost In A Rush of Emptiness’. Produced by Catherine Marks and due 22nd September via Nettwerk, the full-length has already seen the release of teaser singles ‘Smile For Me’, ‘Counting Empties’ and ‘All Night’.

On the new single, frontperson Jenna Kyle shares: “Nothing Left To Lose is about the beginning of a relationship. Being afraid of what’s to come and questioning your path forward. Keeping your walls built up and ending up being stuck in the same place because of it. ‘When oceans collide, there’s a different blue on each side’ is one of my favourite lyrics of the album. I’d read a story that day about a place in the world where two bodies of water meet but don’t mix, and I loved that idea as a metaphor for colliding with someone else and not seeing eye to eye. Both strong forces in your own way but unable to blend together.”

Check it out below.

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