Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff is taking his bedroom on tour with him. Literally

He could save on hotel costs too. Just saying.
Sure, you have bedroom producers, but they’ve got nothing on Jack Antonoff. They might make their music where they lay their head, but he’s going one stop better.

Our Jack, see, wants fans to get the full experience of his new album ‘Gone Now’, and for him, that means hearing it in the room that inspired it. And, by the sounds of it, basically everything else he’s ever done.

So, as you do, he’s taken his childhood bedroom – the one he basically lived in for most of his life so far – and stuck it in a trailer to take to them.

“Every lyric and note I have ever written has come from the room I grew up in,” Jack writes. “I lived in this room until I was 27. Kinda fucked up but I never felt the need to leave. I felt so independent on tour that when I came home to New Jersey I just wanted to be in the room I existed my entire life in. Learned to love music in there was I was 10 – wrote my first songs in there when I was 12 – started recording and having band practice in there at 13 – had all my relationships there – started touring and would come home to this room – wrote all the Steel Train songs in there – started Bleachers in this room while fun was getting bigger and I was still living there – Strange Desire came from this room … and now … this new album.

“Gone Now is about moving on and how we can’t take it all with us. When I thought about where this album was coming from and what it’s kissing goodbye I thought of this room. I wished I could play the album for people who care about Bleachers in this space that it is coming from and leaving. So I removed my room. Every inch of it. Every wall, the rug, my bed, every poster and sticker … this is literally exactly how I left it. It’s a bit literal but the only way I was going to fully move on and live what I’m trying to live on Gone Now was to remove this room and freeze it. It speaks to how badly I want to enter the next phase of my life and how impossible it is for me to let go of what’s gone. ‘Cause with what’s gone are people … this room has seen it all as far as my life goes.”

He’ll be taking the room on tour with him so “people around the country can hear the album in it before shows”. It’ll be at his May and June dates, though he hasn’t decided what will happen after that.

‘Gone Now’ is set to drop next month. Check out photos of the room below.

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