Blonde Redhead have announced their first album in nearly a decade, ‘Sit Down For Dinner’

Check out a new track from it, 'Snowman'.

Blonde Redhead are set to release their first studio album in nearly a decade.

‘Sit Down For Dinner’ will be available from 29th September, accompanied with their newly released track ‘Snowman’.

Named after a quote from Joan Didion’s novel ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’, the album reflects on the importance of family dinner rituals and how they have been lost during the pandemic. It features eleven tracks, inspired by Brazilian experimental music, acapella renditions of Bach and the cultural significance of dinner.

“I know a lot of people eat and run, eat in front of their TV, or don’t care about it too much—and that’s OK—but we really do,” says the group’s Simone Pace. “It’s a moment for us to sit down and have time with each other.”

The new track ‘Snowman’ was influenced by acapella groups. “I got inspired to write a song that only had two chords and a melody that would live and float between them,” says Amedeo Pace. “‘Snowman’ is about how it can be a blessing or a curse to be invisible and undetectable, and how it’s something we all feel and desire at times.”

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