Bloody hell, The Weeknd’s ‘False Alarm’ video hits a new level of intense

Things turn sour quickly for a bunch of bank robbers - like really sour
The Weeknd has unveiled another blockbuster of a music video, this time for latest track ‘False Alarm’ – and lets just say the parental warning at the start is certainly justified.

Following a bank robbery gone hideously wrong, there’s people getting shot in the head, explosions, car crashes and a lot of blood. Like a lot of it. And it ends, once again, with The Weeknd in a not so pretty state.

The pumping electro hitter is the second single taken from The Weeknd’s upcoming third studio album ‘Starboy’, set for release on November 25th with the album’s title track featuring none other than French dance titans Daft Punk.

Be warned, it’s the graphic summer blockbuster that you waited all summer for – only for October to deliver,