Blossom Caldarone has released her latest single, ‘Fridge Space’

'Fridge Space' was released today, October 26th.
Photo credit: Clint Frift

‘Fridge Space’ was shared today, October 26th.

It is the follow-up to September’s ‘The Princess Song’, and sees Blossom Caldarone enter a new phase of her career after ‘Lonely’ was featured on Netflix show ‘Hello, Goodbye & Everything Inbetween’. 

On ‘Fridge Space’, Blossom says: “Fridge Space is about filling your time with nonsensical activities when you’re trying to get someone out of your head. Even when you know they’re a waste of time, you have to force yourself to not think about them. I always find myself doing stupid things to avert my attention and end up feeling more confused, skint and usually nursing a hangover. Being in your twenties is just this on a loop. The song is a loose summing up of this experience – but set in a supermarket.”

You can listen to ‘Fridge Space’ here and watch the accompanying video below.

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