Blossoms cap off 2020 with a festive short film for ‘Christmas Eve (Soul Purpose)’

The animated tale sees the band take animal form, saving Christmas with Roy The Rapid Reindeer.

Not content with dropping an absolutely sensational third album, creating an isolation record full of special recordings and just being out-and-out legends in 2020 – Blossoms have unveiled a special short film for the most wonderful time of the year, tying nicely with latest Christmas track ‘Christmas Eve (Soul Purpose)’.

Finding the band taking animated animal form in a local boozer in Stockport, it follows the tale of Blossoms reuniting Roy The Rapid Reindeer with Father Christmas – journeying from the pub to Santa himself to save Christmas. Nice one chaps.

Blossoms latest album ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ dropped earlier in the year – going straight to #1 in the charts. Stockport’s favourite sons followed this with their special ‘In Isolation/Live From The Plaza Theatre’, which also landed in the Top 5 in the albums chart, alongside their own standalone documentary ‘Back To Stockport’. Oh and THEN they released two Christmas tracks with the aforementioned ‘Christmas Eve (Soul Purpose)’ and ‘It’s Going To Be A Cold Winter’.

So… they’ve been busy basically.

Grab a mince pie and settle in for ‘Christmas Eve (Soul Purpose)’ below:

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