Bob Vylan have announced their upcoming album with new single, ‘GDP’

Pre-order to be in with a chance of winning a one-off Bob Vylan action figure.

Bob Vylan have announced their new album, ‘Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life’.

The punk duo’s 14-track full-length is set for release on 22nd April via their own Ghost Theatre label, and the news is accompanied by their new single ‘GDP’.

Fans who pre-order the record will be entered into a raffle where they could win a one-off Bob Vylan action figure, a signed test pressing, or a unique signed instax. Visit for more info.

Vocalist Bobby Vylan says of the new track: “This single explores a lot of the topics we’re known for, racism, class, social struggles in a way that may not be so obvious on first listen but when you hear lines about friends being stabbed because they come from a place and live a lifestyle that encourages violence to get what you want, you can’t help but ask yourself “well how did that environment begin?”. The chorus tells you outright, “what good is talking about the GDP if I’m struggling to get by?””

Check it out below; the record’s full tracklisting reads:

  1. Walter Speaks
  2. Wicked & Bad
  3. Big Man
  4. Take That
  5. Health is Wealth
  6. He Sold Guns
  7. Must Be More
  8. Pretty Songs
  9. Turn Off the Radio (Radio Single)
  10. GDP
  11. Bait The Bear
  12. Phone Tap (Alexa)
  13. Drug War
  14. Whatugonnado?
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