Bodega are teasing their upcoming mini-album with new cut, ‘Knife on the Platter’

'Shiny New Model' is coming next week.

Bodega have shared their new single, ‘Knife on the Platter’.

It’s a cut from their upcoming mini-album ‘Shiny New Model’, due out on 11th October.

The band’s Ben Hozie explains: “‘Knife on the Platter’ is a narrative song: I was imagining a top-notch Gena Rowlands-esque actress who is cast in a mediocre gothic who nonetheless elevates the script’s schlocky material through her absolute commitment to authentically live each moment of the play.

“She performs as if the gods are watching – she ‘acts’ as if each gesture will be set in stone for the future to see. That’s a show business trick – when performing imagine your heroes are in the room. You will no longer mess around. Twice in the song Zeus responds via the lightning striking from Madison’s guitar.

“That’s the thing: even when you are totally alone and lost – someone is (or will always be) watching your actions. Choose wisely.”

Check out ‘Knife on the Platter’ below.

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