Body Type document their travels with a $5 camera for their new ‘Insomnia’ video

'EP1' and 'EP2' are out on vinyl this week.

Body Type have shared a new video for ‘Insomnia’, a cut from the band’s ‘EP2’.

Sophie McComish says of the clip: “I found an old film handycam at the local junk shop. The seller told me it didn’t work so he only charged me $5. I lugged the thing all around the US while we were touring to test his theory.

“Turns out he was wrong, and now I have hours of glorious taped footage of Body Type’s maiden voyage outside of Australia. I see a lot of parallels between the abandoned handycam and a candid band-y van, and I’m glad I found one to capture the other.”

Check out ‘Insomnia’ below.

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