Body Type share their love song to Uma Thurman, ‘Uma’

It's from their upcoming EP.

Body Type have released a new video for ‘Uma’.

Directed by Charlotte Linden Ercoli Coe, the song is taken from their upcoming ‘EP2’ – the follow-up to ‘EP1’ – out 3rd May via Partisan Records.

Speaking of the track, Georgia Wilkinson Derums says: “[It’s] a slightly skewed love song to Uma Thurman. During the Me Too movement I watched the exposed footage of Thurman’s car crash on the Kill Bill set. It was leaked years after the film was released with Tarantino claiming he was deeply regretful of forcing his lead actor to drive in an unsafe vehicle. I just thought it was an uncanny fictional retelling of what was actually playing out around the world… A rallying cry in support of women like Eryn Jean Norvill who continue to call to account the powerful.”

Catch the band at Live At Leeds and Hit The North this weekend, and The Great Escape later this month, and read more about what they’re up to in the May issue of Dork.

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