‘Bounce’ about with Charli XCX and a zonko A.G. Cook on her brand newish PC Music-y track

Seriously - is he okay? Can someone check?
It’s hard to keep track of our Charli sometimes. She hates ‘Break The Rules’, she’s into PC Music, even though ‘After The Afterparty’ was more conventional than that would suggest. Not that we should be surprised.

A genuine pop magpie, Chaz is always prone to running between influences like an excitable kid in a massive sweet shop. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she gave a first proper airing to the yet-to-be-released ‘Bounce’, which she’s been playing live for a while now. With A.G. Cook motionless on stage behind her, it’s easy to see where the influence for this one lies. The audience looks like they’re not sure what’s just hit them.

You can check out Bounce, as well as a blast through ‘After the Afterparty’ below.

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