Bring Me The Horizon are being enigmatic, by the looks of things

There's something about 'Mantra' and a date - 21st August.

Bring Me The Horizon look like they’ll be back within the month after a mysterious billboard appeared.

Containing the band’s logos, it also features the message “Do you want to start a cult with me?” and a contact number, 0800 888 6448.

Give that a ring and you get a message that welcomes you to ‘Mantra’, sticks you in a queue and plays some atmospheric music with some worrying demonic sounding voices.

“Welcome to Mantra’, it continues. “Don’t think, don’t question, just believe.”

When eventually the line picks up, you get a cry for help and then what sounds like a preview of new music. You can check it out in the video below.

There’s also a new website – – which features a message and a date.

It reads:

“For countless ages a goal of religion has been the salvage of the human soul.
Man has tried by many practices to find the pathway to salvation.
He has held the imperishable hope that someday in some way he would be free.
Man has spoken of the second coming of Christ and of the Judgment Day.
We have kept wide the doorway for this salvation by retaining religious freedom.
And here, after these ages of grief and suffering, through terrible wars and catastrophe, 
the hope still lives – and with that hope, accomplishment.
Man can save his soul. Like the bright cool dawn after a night of prison and of thunder, man can taste that freedom sought so long. There are those who will say that only after a lifetime of sacrifice and good doing can the soul be free – that God demands conditions in the freedom and that some have the power of making mankind slaves.
But these things too have answers. And all we tell you now is that you can be free.
But first, we must piss you off.
Salvation will return.
21 August 2018”

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