Bring Me The Horizon reckon they know why rock isn’t bigger on streaming services

"It's mostly shite", basically.

Bring Me The Horizon reckon they know why rock music isn’t bigger on “the streaming platforms”.

“It’s mostly shite.”

That’s the line offered up by the lads in a new interview with industry magazine Music Week, responding to the relatively poor performance of heavier acts in streaming playlists and their associated providers.

“The people who are writing the songs aren’t good enough songwriters,” claims the band’s Jordan Fish, insisting it’s having a hard time “because it’s bad, generally”.

“In my opinion, it’s mostly shite,” he continues. “I don’t love the music on Hot Hits UK but they are well-written songs and that’s something a lot of rock bands don’t appreciate. The craft of writing good songs is hard.”

It’s a problem BMTH don’t suffer from – ‘Mantra’, the lead single from forthcoming album ‘amo’, is currently clocking over 20 million streams.

“Any of these bands could write a big song but it means they’re just going to have to keep going and be so honest with themselves that it hurts,” frontman Oli Sykes reckons. “We could have half-written all these songs and then gone to see a producer, hoping he was going to sort them out. But one of the important things about being in a rock band is that you do write your own music.

“It’s not a very rock thing to have people writing your songs or your lyrics for you. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a little bit of help, or some outside perspective, but a lot of our contemporaries now just have people straight-up writing songs for them. I find that bonkers.”

Bring Me The Horizon’s new album ‘amo’ is set to drop on 25th January 2019.

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