Bryde premieres new single ‘Less’

It's a simple song about a bad habit...
Welsh songwriter Bryde is back with a new single: check out ‘Less’ below, first on Dork. It’s an attitude-packed track that sees her take an understandably dim view of being mucked around.

“‘Less’ is a simple song about the bad habit so many of us have of being attracted to people who want to make us feel inferior,” she explains.

“Kate Tempest said it more directly in ‘Ketamine for Breakfast’: ‘If you’re good to me I will let you go… If you’re bad to me, I will like you more’. I heard it and thought, yep I got a song about that.

“To me it’s more euphoric than angry. I find those moments when you have a realisation about yourself to be the definition of mind-blowing and kind of wonderful.”

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