Bull have announced a new EP with teaser single ‘Stuck!’

The four-track EOP is due in full this July.

Bull have announced a new EP.

‘Stuck between the Virtual and Physical World’ will be released on 1st July, with the news arriving alongside teaser single ‘Stuck!’

“’Stuck!’ is about a character who is on a journey between the virtual and physical worlds,” frontman Tom Beer explains. “They see the entire universe but can’t get back to reality or hold onto the virtual world leaving them Stuck! ‘Stuck!’ is Bull’s answer to ‘Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’.”

The release also features their tracks ‘Magazine’, ‘Tired Of Being Treated Like A Twit’ and ‘Neil Buchanan’.

“The EP is split between two kinds of music, but it’s still very much BULL,” Tom continues. “It’s newish territory for us as a band, we were inspired by more time in lockdown and more time in the studio to mess around. This resulted in a sort of post punk sound on ‘Stuck!’ and ‘Tired of being treated like a Twit’, and the dreamy synth rock on ‘Neil Buchanan’ and ‘Magazine’. But as ever with us – the songs are what we’re about.”

Check out ‘Stuck!’ below, and catch the band on tour in the UK now, supporting Feet.

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