Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard welcome in the dancefloor with a new disco version of ‘Double Denim Hop’

‘The Non-Stop EP’ is out on July 10th

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard have done it again, sharing a new disco-inspired version of ‘Double Denim Hop’

The original track, also re-released today, was one of the first tastes of the Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard world – one that continues to evolve with their new disco version of the track, sounding like the Bee Gees on a big night out

Speaking about the new disco version, Tom Rees from the band explains: “I went on a real big disco trip when I was 18/19, I actually played in a disco band called Chronic Strut at that time too which I had completely forgotten about until right this second. This journey through disco offered a bit of a fresh perspective on the ‘70s rock vibe, just because it seemed to be a bit more energetic and above all, positive. Listening to a lot of early ‘70s Lennon can really make you cynical and bitter, so it’s good to have some Kool and the Gang to balance it out, plus with K and the G you get to go outside and dance with other people, as opposed to crying for John Lennon alone in your bedroom.”

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard will release their debut EP ‘The Non-Stop’ on July 10th, packed with more crackers than a Christmas cracker set. We’ve counted

Check in with our recent chat with the band here, looking ahead to ‘The Non-Stop’ EP and more

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