You can now see the sights of Iceland with Sigur Ros and their new ‘Route One’ app

Follows that slow TV event we all watched last month, and allows users to play around with latest track 'Óveður'.
After mesmerising Citadel Festival over the weekend, Icelandic classical titans Sigur Ros have unveiled a whole bunch of ‘Route One’ bits taken from last months ‘slow tv’ 24 hour stream.

We all sat there and watched as the broadcast took us through Route 1 itself – a large road that basically circles around Iceland – and now you can delve in deep with a full 360° video of the journey, so you know, you can feel like you were there.

Also revealed today is a ‘Route One’ app, which allows users to play around with their latest single ‘Óveður’ in a similar manner to the way the band did on that fateful journey.

Get involved in all the 360° goodness below – the future really is here:

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