Car windows be warned, Ho99o9’s debut album ‘United States Of Horror’ is coming

Get ready for a full-on audio onslaught when the album drops on May 5th
After tearing stages apart around the world for the past couple of years, Ho99o9 have finally confirmed plans for their debut album – with ‘United States Of Horror’ set to land on May 5th.

Speaking about the album, Ho99o9 said: “If you are offended by any of the content being with this album, imagery or message then I am very truly sorry,”

Ahh, what a polite way of going about things… oh wait, there’s more

“Jus kidding….. we don’t give a fuck. It will be fascinating to some, hateful to others, grateful to all, positive for us/we. Horror music for bad and good people + everything else in between. This record was made to be listened to ‘LOUD AS FUCK’ and only can truly be enjoyed on high volume. If this doesn’t make you want to smash your face through a car window you are wasting your time.”

That’s more like it. Car windows be warned.

The news comes with the newly unveiled title track and an accompanying video to boot – which as a sign of things to come, points to a debut album that’s going to be packed full of blistering sounds and full-on punk rioting.

Have a check of ‘United States Of Horror’ below