Why do we wanna play this new Cariss Auburn track ‘Daydream’ so loud? Because we want to!

Look, if you're going to namecheck Billie Piper, what do you expect?
Photo credit: Precious Brooks

Welcome to Dork 101, everyone. Today, we’ll be giving a quick lesson on how to get your friendly new music magazine to listen to your new material.

“I definitely rinsed my Billie Piper CD.”

Yes, Dear Reader. These magic words are from Midlands native Cariss Auburn, who has just dropped her new single ‘Daydream’. She goes on to namecheck Destiny’s Child, Mary J. Blige and Luther Vandross, which is all great and lovely – but Billie Piper? THE Billie Piper? Instant win.

Forming a girl band with her mates at 8, she’s gone on from such a promising beginning to become an ambassador for Gibson guitars, taking inspiration from the likes of Arcade Fire. A tasty mix.

She also has a lovely green fluffy hat. Points for that.

‘Daydream’ is a smooth-sliding bop that Cariss describes as her “own little 3-minute holiday.”

“Living in such a connected world I feel that we absorb so much trauma and pain daily – especially as a black woman. It’s hard to take a break from that pain without feeling this immense guilt. But we deserve that break!”

She continues, “it’s no fix-all but I wanted to invite everyone into my personal escapist world – 80s music and reminiscing over my holiday to Japan.”

The track comes with a visual full of footage from said Japan trip, as well as some natty outfits from emerging designers Natsuki Hanyu, Alice Hampton and Anastasia Bull. Fashion, darling.

‘Daydream’ is a taster of a brand new EP, ‘Refraction’, which is set to arrive in April.

Sorry, Cariss. We just really love Billie.

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