Caroline Polachek has shared a brand new double single, ‘Ocean Of Tears’ and ‘Parachute’

They tease a brand new album, 'Pang', which is expected later this year.

Caroline Polachek has shared a brand new double single.

Featuring both ‘Ocean Of Tears’ and ‘Parachute’, both tracks are lifted from a forthcoming solo album, ‘Pang’, which is expected to arrive this fall via Columbia Records.

A press release reveals ‘Parachute’ was the first song written for the record, as well as the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with PC Music type Danny L Harle. Caroline explains: “‘Parachute’ is about the total trust that only comes with total emergency. Like a mayfly trying its wings for the first time over a large body of water full of hungry fish… and the wings work.”

It’s matched alongside ‘Ocean Of Tears’, the last song written for ‘Pang’ and “dedicated to the sharp pain of being in love with someone far away, and the maddening doubt that comes with it.”

It all comes following the first taster of the album, ‘Door’.

You can check out ‘Ocean Of Tears’ and ‘Parachute’ below.

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