Caroline Rose has announced a new album, ‘Superstar’

Check out lead single 'Feel The Way I Want' now.

Caroline Rose has announced a new album, ‘Superstar’, out on 6th March.

The follow up to 2018’s ‘LONER’, it’s preceeded by the album’s lead single/video ‘Feel The Way I Want’, which you can stream below.

A press release explains that ‘Superstar’ is “inspired by cult classics such as The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, Mulholland Drive and the mockumentary Drop Dead Gorgeous”.

“After the protagonist receives a mistaken phone call from the glamorous Chateau Marmont hotel in album opener ‘Nothing’s Impossible,’ they (gender neutral pronoun) take it as a sign toward a star-studded future and leave behind everything in pursuit of a newly established destiny. What ensues is a cinematic paradox that in one moment finds them strutting down a neon strip in full Saturday Night Fever hip-swing, and the next, sipping a dirty martini at the rundown apartment complex pool dwelling on life’s unfortunate turns,” it explains.

So there we go.

“I realised at some point that I’m not going to fit into any one box, and maybe that’s a good thing,” Rose comments. “This record is me embracing being an outsider making my own path.”

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