Caroline Rose has shared their new song, ‘The Doldrums’

The new single follows on from last month's 'Miami' and will appear on new album 'The Art of Forgetting' when it is released on 24th March
Photo credit: Cristina Fisher

Caroline Rose has shared their latest single, ‘The Doldrums’, taken from their forthcoming album, ‘The Art of Forgetting’.

Speaking of the track, Rose explains, “The Doldrums was the song I wrote when I was realising I had basically no understanding of self-compassion.”

The new single follows on from last month’s ‘Miami’ and will appear on ‘The Art of Forgetting’ when it is released on 24th March. It Rose’s second album, following on from their 2020 release, ‘Superstar’.

“It’s about the voice inside my head that blames me for everything that’s ever gone wrong, mostly things out of my control,” Rose said.

“My idea of rebirth and reformation at the time was killing off my old self and finding a new one, rather than simply being kind to myself…Not because I didn’t want to be, but because I didn’t really know how.”

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