Carpetgarden is teasing an upcoming EP with their new single-video combo, ‘No Emotion’

"I tried to turn my experiences into a whimsical, wholesome fantasy," they explain.

Carpetgarden has shared their new single-video combo, ‘No Emotion’.

The Californian bedroom popster’s messy follow-up to ‘Can Ghosts Be Gay?’, it’s another early teaser from upcoming eight-track EP ‘The Way He Looks’, due for release on 10th February via House Anxiety.

“‘The Way He Looks’ is an EP about a time in my life where it felt like the world was against me and constantly throwing obstacles in my face, just for the fuck-of-it,” 20-year-old David Sweet explains.

“I tried to turn my experiences into a whimsical, wholesome fantasy. With its unapologetically queer lyrics and visuals, I hope that younger lgbtq+ people feel heard and represented while also challenging the heteronormative music industry.”

The full tracklisting reads:

Beautiful Mind
No Emotion
Could You Love
Can Ghosts Be Gay?
Don’t Cry On My Doorstep
Break My Heart

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