Casino Hearts have announced their debut EP ‘Lose Your Halo’ with new single ‘In & Out of Time’

The self-produced four-track EP is out this August.

Los Angeles-based trio Casino Hearts have announced their debut EP ‘Lose Your Halo’, set for release on 2 August. The band have also shared the EP’s lead single ‘In & Out of Time’, along with its accompanying home video-style visuals.

Discussing the lead single, vocalist Forest Holter shared: “”In & Out of Time’ is about wanting to save someone to the point where you lose yourself; and the process of releasing that relationship as well as the guilt that inevitably follows. ie a girl with a christ complex falls for a boy who can’t see or appreciate the love that surrounds him.”

Regarding the music video, Nick Minor (guitar, bass) explained: “We wanted it to feel fan or home made, something you’d discover on a deep dive into YouTube. We wanted to show Casino Hearts in a way that obfuscated past & present. Layering footage in the foreground and background provided additional dimension for the new and found footage to interact in a nonlinear way.”

Casino Hearts’ journey began in Reno in 2013, where Minor and Jacob Rubeck (guitar, drum production) formed the band and became fixtures in the local music scene. After a period of hiatus following Jacob’s move to Los Angeles, the band reunited in 2021 when Nick also relocated. They then recruited Forest, whose addition brought a pop and electronic sensibility to the band’s indie rock foundation.

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