Cassels have shared their new single, ‘The Leaking Ark’ – it’s “a cautionary tale of human brutality”

Their upcoming album ‘The Perfect Ending’ is due 6th September.

Cassels have shared a new single, ‘The Leaking Ark’.

It’s the latest teaser track from their upcoming album ‘The Perfect Ending’, due 6th September via Big Scary Monsters Recordings, following recent single ‘A Snowflake In Winter’.

Vocalist Jim Beck says of the song: “This is the second song in our four-part tetralogy about how humans have royally fucked the planet.

“Like many great songs before it, the lyrics for this one were inspired by the daytime television show Come Dine With Me. After watching numerous episodes where contestants refused to eat things like venison as they felt it reminded them too much of the fictitious cartoon deer Bambi, before readily shovelling mouthfuls of battery chicken pumped with steroids into their greedy faces, I thought it’d be fun to see if I could extend this logic for the duration of a song.

“And do you know what? It was a lot of fun. In many ways this song is our ‘Meat Is Murder’; a cautionary tale of human brutality. Which also name-checks Peppa Pig and Kermit The Frog. Hope you like it.”

Catch the band at Truck Festival on 26th July.

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