Cavetown has announced his new album, ‘worm food’

His new full-length is coming this November.
Photo Credit: Kane Layland

Cavetown has announced his new album, ‘worm food’.

The full-length is set for release on 4th November, preceded by new single ‘1994’, which arrives alongside a video co-directed by Robin.

“‘1994’ is about dealing with perceived guilt and how it can become over-exaggerated in my head,” he explains. “I’m working on defining the line between what’s really wrong in a situation versus what is made up in my head, because it’s the parts that aren’t real that I end up feeling quite guilty about.

“The lyrics are a message to myself, to help me see that there’s still a child inside of me that is deserving of love and care. The line “say you’re coming around/ I need you lately everything’s been getting me down” is about feeling comforted by isolating myself, but learning to be comforted by the presence of someone else.”

Check out the new single below.

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