CHAI + Hinds have teamed up on a fizzing new collaborative track: ‘UNITED GIRLS ROCK’N’ROLL CLUB’

"UNITED GIRLS ROCK'N'ROLL CLUB is a song that screams GIRL POWER!”

What’s better than one of our fave bands releasing a track? WELL HOW ABOUT TWO BANDS COMING TOGETHER ON ONE BIG-TIME TRACK? Well, the latter has happened here – with CHAI and Hinds teaming up on golden new one ‘UNITED GIRLS ROCK’N’ROLL CLUB’

Complete with a music video which sees both bands exploring Madrid together, the track is a defiant ode to female empowerment, collaboration and friendship – trading lyrics in English, Spanish and Japanese for a feel good hit of the summer if we ever did hear one!

Speaking about the track, both bands said: “UNITED GIRLS ROCK’N’ROLL CLUB is a song that screams GIRL POWER! You might be from different countries, different languages, but at the end of the day, the music speaks for itself. You can hear it, you can feel it! It’s that type of song! Take a listen!”

‘UNITED GIRLS ROCK’N’ROLL CLUB’ is available now, but will see a special 7” physical release on September 18th through beloved label Heavenly Recordings

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