Chance The Rapper joins the puppet show with the new video for ‘Same Drugs’

It’s another stunning portrait from last year’s ‘Colouring Book’
If there’s one person who well and truly turned 2016 into his own, it was Chance The Rapper. Last year’s ‘Colouring Book’ mixtape/album/collection of absolute stunning numbers was a favourite all year round – and now Chance has given one of its standouts ‘Same Drugs’ an official clip.

Taking to his own version of The Muppet Show, Chance’s duet with a loveable furry puppet is the tear-shedding moment of the year so far, performing for a string of puppets all working behind the scenes on what we hope is a motion-picture puppet meets Chance film that’ll be scooping Oscars come this time next year.

Chance The Rapper is one of the many star names set to perform at The Grammy Awards this Sunday (February 12th) – where he’s up for 7 awards. Now that’s what we call owning the big-time.

Click play on those Muppet memories with ‘Same Drugs’ below,