Chance the Rapper’s first two mixtapes, ’10Day’ and ‘Acid Rap’, are now streaming

They're on Spotify, Apple Music 'and others' for the first time, as pre-orders for a new album start.

Chance the Rapper‘s first two mixtapes, ’10Day’ and ‘Acid Rap’, are now streaming for the first time on Apple Music, Spotify and ‘other music services’.

With all three of Chance’s mixtapes – including 2016’s ‘Coloring Book’ – now available on vinyl for the first time via his website, there’s also a pre-order for his next album. As it stands, there’s no firm release date or title yet, but he’s previously suggested it’ll be with us in July.

There’s also a pre-sale for a forthcoming world tour.

You can check out ’10Day’ and ‘Acid Rap’ below.

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