Chappaqua Wrestling have shared a new single, ‘Full Round Table’

It's their first new material of 2022.

Chappaqua Wrestling have shared a new single, ‘Full Round Table’, their first of 2022.

Coming alongside news the band have signed to EMI, they explain: “We wrote ‘Full Round Table’ as a reaction to the endless negativity put in our faces about our generation’s future. So much news is greeted with the response of how screwed we are – hopeless views from unhelpful people. Negativity about youth is relative per generation but today it feels stronger.

“We want to ignore the cynicism, get together, appreciate what really matters, and not let people tell us what we can’t do. The ‘Full Round Table’ is full of our friends, and that’s not changing.”

You can check out ‘Full Round Table’ below.

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