Chappaqua Wrestling have announced their debut album, ‘Plus Ultra’

Alongside the news, the band have also shared their new single 'Wide Asleep'.

Chappaqua Wrestling have announced their debut album ‘Plus Ultra’, set for release on April 14th via EMI.

Alongside the news, the band have also shared their new single ‘Wide Asleep’, which serves as a timely reminder to take a step back from our over-reliance on social media and the ever-present ‘echo chamber’.

The band have said of the single: “’Wide Asleep’ is a complaint to ourselves for being consumed by the echo chamber of social media. Our mobile phones are the portal which lead us to misread and miscommunicate stories and topics, often leaving us more confused than we were in the first place. Wading through muddled points of view, mistargeted ads, senseless airtime of the Royal family, weddings of friends you’d rather forget, addictively numbing reels, leaving us blinded by a little hand-sized screen. It makes us detached and unmoved by anything, all whilst being asleep to the world around us. Hopefully, our preaching will teach us something ourselves as we try to focus on the present.”

Chappaqua Wrestling have also expressed their hopes for the album, saying “‘Plus Ultra’ documents the journey through our friendship, from school to where we now find ourselves commenting on what is around us. Roughly translating to ‘Nothing Lies Beyond’, a Latin naval term adopted by those exploring uncharted waters, we present a collection of our best works to date, each lyrically distinct but venturing into new territories that life presents; mass media, Tory austerity, mental health, homelessness, the deprived NHS and the release that music gives you from it all. Come with us to make sense of what lies beyond in this world through questions, power and statements that we stand by.”

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