Charli Adams has shared a new single about burnout, ‘everything she wanted’

It's a cut from her upcoming new EP.

Charli Adams has shared a new single.

‘everything she wanted’ is a cut from her upcoming EP ‘Nothing To Be Scared Of’, which is set for release on 30th August. The new track follows on from recent teaser, ‘cry over everything’.

Charli says: “I wrote Everything She Wanted with Charlie Hickey & Andy Seltzer last year whilst finding my way out of a pretty dark place. I wrote the song as a half truth, half manifestation of how I wanted to feel about my current self compared to the past version that was struggling with some serious burnout and depression.

“Burnout can show itself as a bitterness towards the thing you once loved the most – listening to and making music has always been a comfort to me; when I became bitter and exhausted by it, I felt very disconnected from who I am. I also hadn’t played a show in what felt like ages, and playing music live is something that made me feel the most connected to myself and the world around me.

“Burnout doesn’t disappear overnight and I still find myself working my way out of it. Everything She Wanted is meant to claim that confidence as truth and let the angrier version of myself know that I love her even if she doesn’t right now.”

Check it out below.

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