Charlie Puth has released his new self-titled album, ‘CHARLIE’, and shared a music video for, ‘Loser’

His third studio LP has arrived today, October 7th, via Atlantic Records.

Charlie Puth has shared a music video for his new track, ‘Loser’, which is a fresh cut from his third album, ‘CHARLIE’, which dropped in full today.

He has previously released five singles; ‘Light Switch’, ‘That’s Hilarious’, ‘Left and Right’, ‘I Don’t Think That I Like Her’, and ‘Charlie Be Quiet!’.

“I’ve been doing this for eight years, but ‘CHARLIE’ is finally me,” Puth shares on the record. “For a long time, I was trying to be ‘the cool guy,’ but that was a foggy piece of glass in front of the world. Now, the glass is broken. There’s no window. You can reach right in. This is sonically my personality. The album has ended up being the most personal body of work. It’s like the sound turned into a physical being.”

Loser’ has Puth flittering through Western personas in a Phillip R. Lopez-directed short film.

You can listen to ‘CHARLIEhere, and watch the music video for ‘Loser’ below:

The full tracklist for Charlie Puth’s third LP reads:

1. That’s Hilarious
2. Charlie Be Quiet!
3. Light Switch
4. There’s A First Time For Everything Lyrics
5. Smells Like Me
6. Left and Right
7. Loser
8. When You’re Sad I’m Sad
9. Marks On My Neck
10. Tears On My Piano
11. I Don’t Think That I Like Her 
12. No More Drama Lyrics

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