Charly Bliss are ready for the fight with new stormer ‘Percolator’

They’re the heroes we need, and things are really starting to heat up
Charly Bliss are great. Charly Bliss are loud. And Charly Bliss are on their way to taking over – with latest cut ‘Percolator’ sounding as fired up and sizzling as anything you’ll have heard so far today.

Complete with a superhero-themed video that gathers the band from all over a city (whether they’re boxing, hanging out in a skate park or… being a scientist), ‘Percolator’ hits straight from the first note and pulls you along for a ride that’ll have you swooning at the fet of Charly Bliss.

‘Percolator’ is another fresh number from incoming debut album ‘Guppy’ – out on April 21st and already featuring previously unveiled hitters ‘Glitter’ and ‘Ruby’

Fire up the… Charly Bliss signal below with ‘Percolator’