Charly Bliss confirm debut album ‘Guppy’ with storming lead groover ‘Glitter’

Shiny fuzzed riffs and sugar-sweet crunches mean April 21st can’t come soon enough
We’ve been waiting and praying for the next Charly Bliss hitter, and now we have details of their debut album ‘Guppy’ to boot alongside the heady screens of latest track ‘Glitter’.

Shimmering with harmonious gleams and an all-encompassing blanket of warmth – ‘Glitter’ is a sign that Charly Bliss are about to take things up a notch. And we can’t wait for it.

Speaking to NPR about the track, Eva Grace Hendricks of the band said:

“Glitter’ is a song about dating someone who’s too much like you and it making you feel full of self-hatred. I initially meant for this to be an angry breakup song, but when I read the lyrics back, I realized that all of the mean things I had written could just as easily be said about me and the way that I behaved in that relationship. The chorus lyric is a dig at myself; I am prone to speaking in superlative hyperboles like, ‘You’re my best friend!’ or ‘You’re my favorite person ever!’ which can make the people who I’m actually close to feel like I’m being disingenuous.”

Charly Bliss will finally release their debut album on April 21st, titled ‘Guppy’ and sure to be packed with ready-made live favourites that’ll grab ya on the first listen.

Dive into ‘Glitter’ below and prepare yourselves for an album that’ll turn 2017 into a sweet hook-filled party.

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‘Black Hole’

‘Scare U’






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