Charly Bliss head down a scorching ‘Black Hole’ with their latest number

Debut album ‘Guppy’ is out on April 21st, and we’re bloody well counting down the days
Charly Bliss are becoming bonafide favourites around here. Full of carefree thrills, gritty kicks and immediately punchy hooks at every turn, they’re delivered big-time once again with new stormer ‘Black Hole’

Fizzing and bubbling with an urgency that has us shaking on our bedposts, ‘Black Hole’ follows previous singles ‘Percolator’ and ‘Glitter’ as dazzling cuts from Charly Bliss’ hotly anticipated debut album ‘Guppy’. Out on April 21st, expect it to be crammed full of goldern nuggets that any bank would die to cash in for.

Speaking about ‘Black Hole’ to NYLON, Eva Hendricks of the band went into depth – saying:

“I think when you’re caught up in an emotionally abusive relationship, it’s easy to convince yourself that everything you’re putting yourself through is building toward some sort of payoff, when everything will suddenly feel easy and light. That didn’t happen, and the lyrics are about me coming to terms with that, while also still not being totally able to give it up yet.”

‘Black Hole’ comes complete with a fresh video to boot, which finds Charly Bliss lying around like toys left at playtime while all sort of magic and out-there tricks come to life for two kids having a whale of a time.

Check it all out below, and get geared up for ‘Guppy’ – we certainly are.