Charly Bliss are back with a new song, their first post-‘Guppy’

"It sounds like the ending of one phase of our sound," says Eva.

Charly Bliss have released a new track called ‘Heaven’.

It’s the Brooklyn band’s first new material following their debut album ‘Guppy’, which came out last year.

“‘Heaven’ is one of the first songs I wrote after ‘Guppy’,” says Eva Hendricks, “and to me it sounds like the ending of one phase of our sound before we knew what was going to come next. We played it live every night of our album release tour and it was really incredible to see the way people reacted to and connected with the song.

“It’s our first love song, and I basically had to force myself to write the lyrics as a songwriting challenge to myself. I think I was always worried that songwriting was something that only existed to me as a coping mechanism, and that once I was happy I wouldn’t have anything interesting to say or write about. I’m proud of the sweetness and simplicity of this song, and we’re super happy to release it finally!”

The band are about to hit the road with Death Cab For Cutie in the US. Check out ‘Heaven’ below.

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