Check out Caroline Polachek’s new single, ‘Door’

It's the Chairlift vocalist's first solo single 'under that name', 'FYI'

Caroline Polachek has debuted her first solo single ‘under that name’.

Best known for being the vocalist in the Really Very Good Chairlift, our Caroline recently made an appearance on Charli XCX’s era defining It’s-A-Mixtape-Not-An-Album-Hactually ‘Pop 2’, guesting on the track ‘Tears’. She also dropped a surprise instrumental album ‘Drawing The Target Around The Arrow’ in early 2017, under the name CEP (i.e. her initials, so technically, not breaking her self-defined naming convention, right? – Ed).

Now, she’s returned with a fresh cut, titled ‘Door’. You can check out the video for it below.

Apparently, it’s “the first taste of a forthcoming, larger solo project from [Polachek] to be released later this year.” In an accompanying statement about the track, she explains, “I feel totally out of control of most things in the world, but can at least build landscapes for the mind.”

‘Door’ is written and produced by Polachek, Dan Nigro, Danny L Harle, and Jim-E Stack.

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