Check out Metronomy’s full headline set from Glastonbury 2017

They headlined the John Peel Stage last night (25th June)
If you’ve had your head in a sand bucket for the past few days, you might have missed Glastonbury, we guess. Even then, you’d be doing well to have ignored the biggest music festival in the planet spilling out over your feeds, though.

Still, with everything done until 2019 (2018 is a fallow year, FYI – there’ll be no festival) and grubby revellers returning to society, now’s the time to catch up on some of what went on. Thanks to the BBC, if you’re in the UK that’s really pretty easy.

There’s a whole bunch of full sets and clips available via the BBC website and iPlayer service. That includes Metronomy’s performance on Sunday.

You can watch Metronomy’s full Glastonbury set here. You can also find all our coverage from Glastonbury 2017 right here.

Metronomy played:

Back Together

Miami Logic

Old Skool

The Bay

16 Beat

I’m Aquarius

My Heart Rate Rapid

Mick Slow

Love Letters

Hang Me Out to Dry


Love Song for Dog

On Dancefloors


Night Owl

Everything Goes My Way

The Look


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