Check out some acoustic tracks from Kevin Devine, including a Conor Oberst cover

Watch the latest from his new video series, ‘Mamah Borhtwick’ and ‘No One Says You Have To’.
Kevin Devine is currently working his way through a series of acoustic videos, featuring both covers and original tracks. Today, he’s premiering both his Conor Oberst cover, ‘Mamah Borhtwick’, and ‘No One Says You Have To’ – check them out below, first on Dork.

“I’ve played a handful of shows with Conor across our projects through the years, very much spread out, and none since opening for Bright Eyes in Australia in 2011,” says Kevin. “Though I suppose we are distantly friendly, it’s probably safer to count myself amongst his many admirers – at his best and clearest, his intelligence, empathy, commitment, and ability to keep you guessing at how the lyric will resolve itself are really high level. I think this song from his most recent record speaks to those strengths, and sounds to me only like something he’d write, which is, incidentally, the hardest thing to sound like – yourself.”

Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band released their own album, ‘Instigator’ (

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