Chest Pains have shared a new video for their defiant single, ‘Cut The Resistance’

It’s the latest single from their new EP, ‘Love Thy Neighbour’.

Chest Pains have dropped a video for ‘Cut The Resistance’.

It’s the latest single from the Leeds post-punk band’s new EP ‘Love Thy Neighbour’, with the clip made by drummer Calum Coleman.

“Ignorance in our society is tearing us apart, literally from Europe,” he says. “These ignorant thought processes have landed us in some awful situations and continue to do so. I wanted to present where this leads us and show the destruction it causes. War is the ultimate disregard for human life yet life goes on in our own little bubbles. Be accepting and caring of each other, even your enemies, because everything affects everyone. Love thy neighbour.”

Check it out below.

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